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Masquerade at Club W.I.P.

A masquerade at club W.I.P. with a harlequin, a guy with a flute, a man who expresses himself through arrows, crazy girls, a bug man and loud house music!!! I painted live on plexiglass and the side of a box soon to be used by the performers. Neon lights pointed the way to salvation beyond the comings and goings of ordinary life.

I love drawing in public. I used to paint on the inside of buses when I was in high school. Now I get opportunities like this. I was inspired by many, many people along the way and still am. Inspiration can be contagious. I'm grateful for all the talented people I've been blessed enough to come across. Energy is reciprocal.

W.I.P., an industrial acronym for WORK IN PROGRESS sets a new standard for the venue and nightlife experience. In a unique space below Soho's Greenhouse venue, It's name is derived from the constantly evolving and rotating art installations that are the essence of its appeal. Designed and executed by an impressive array of artists from around the world, W.I.P.'s focus on art combined with the atmosphere of an upscale lounge creates NYC's most unique and prestigious venue. W.I.P.'s force is the creative team behind Collective Hardware, described as an art space that revives the spirit of Andy Warhol's factory. W.I.P. is the city's hottest ticket: with top media and New York's key players all vying for their chance to be part of the experience.