Time Lapse : Painting Gaia at WIP NYC Night Club

Video : 01.23.13

 A time altered look at a piece that I did at W.I.P., an art inspired night club in Soho NYC.

Wynwood Walls - Art Basel

Blog : 12.29.12 I had an amazing experience in the Wynwood art district of Miami during Art Basel in December 2012. As the inside of the galleries were filled with beautiful contemporary art, the walls on the outside were larger-then-life canvases where artists from all over the world had free reign to paint and create whatever their imagination saw fit. The diversity of different styles of artwork and the ability to work with numerous different artists in such a short and fast period of time, made this experience like none other. Art Basel truly is the Olympics of the art world, and I played hard with 11(legal) wall murals in 3 days as well as my work up in one of Art Basel's top galleries. ..[Read More]

Urban Contemporary

Video : 10.29.12

 This is an introduction to a unique and new style of art dubbed "Urban Contemporary", which is a mixture of street art infused with many other classical and modern influences. Also gives a quick glimpse into the creative process of artist Nicholai Khan.

Kickstarter : Inpiring creatively, the Art Basel project

Video : 10.28.12

Nicholai Khan's dream is to make life a better place through art. He currently volunteers at schools and community youth programs to teach the value of creativity and focus teen aggression into constructive outlets like art. Funding through crowd sourcing for the opportunity to attend Art Basel Miami 2012 will bring him one step closer. The Kickstarter Project "Inspiring Creatively: The Art Basel Project" is a platform to support this cause in exchange for novel rewards such as his collection books, spray paint can, photo and canvas prints, commissioned pieces and/or the opportunity to be part of a group portrait.

Nicholai Khan AKA THINK and CMONE hitting Grey Matter's Black

Video : 08.08.12

"THINK" written on the left side of the pages and "CMONE" on the right. Blackbook Battle Royale / Clash of the Titans in Grey Matter's Black book with sounds of Classic early 90's Hip Hop.

A Night at National Art League

Blog : 04.20.12 A wonderful artist I know named Linda Murid has been asking me to attend a workshop at the National Art League in Douglaston. Due to my extremely consistent blog entries :) I was unable to attend a 1.5 hour meeting on a Friday night until last week. It seems I should have gone to these events sooner or maybe this was perfect timing...[Read More]

Splitting the Atom

Blog : 04.09.12 We live in a society that is founded and built on both rules and freedom. How is that possible? Can it be that the very foundation of most nations are built on direct contradictions? The truth is hard to swallow but it is true nevertheless. All things great and small are built of opposing factors. What we call "good" and "bad" are very simple terms for negative and positive energy. As far as we know, atoms are the smallest example of this. Although tiny in comparison to a human, the atom holds an incomparable power...[Read More]

Familiar Faces

Blog : 04.01.12 Most people are surrounded by familiar faces. These faces are reflections of ourselves. Even if someone holds a seemingly opposing viewpoint, it still manages to not bother us enough to rid our lives of the person. We tend to allow people to challenge us if we care enough about their well being. What if we were all destined to be in the positions we are in? It would mean that we were part of a whole. Like familiar looking pieces of a puzzle, each with a different job to do...[Read More]

The Making of "Bob Marley" Art Piece : Painting an Icon

Video : 03.29.12

Painting an Icon - Catch a glimpse of the creative process that went into this tribute piece to Bob Marley, a true Icon. Watch as Nicholai Khan lays down the base of the painting and then later in the process when he adds 14 karat gold dipped cannabis leaves in to create Marley's dreadlocks. This is one of the premiere pieces in Nicholai Khan's "Be Your Own Icon" collection.

Bob Marley's belief in peace, love and unity inspired the making of this artwork. The bright colors and ornate details try to capture the soulful words of his music. Done in fashion of old school reggae jam posters.

The Mind of the Artist.

Blog : 03.28.12 There is no such thing as an artist that is separate from their work. I look to inspire, to "wow!" the onlooker, to build a communication with my viewer, to share a common ground where the artist and the viewer are one; two sides of the same coin. Art is meant to invoke controversy, seduce, and most of all: to LOVE. It is a gift that has taken me to so many wild places and has humbled me with experiences that I can not explain...[Read More]

Second Chances

Blog : 02.29.12 One of the most fulfilling things I am able to do is volunteer at the Queens Public Library to help teach art to troubled youth. The program I work with is called “The Second Chance” founded by DA Gail Giordano. Many of these young adults ended up in this program for committing crimes, such as vandalism, truancy, and other misdemeanors. Instead of being incarcerated for their crimes, the program allows them to channel their energies into a positive learning environment...[Read More]

Finding Inspiration at Art Basel in Miami

Blog : 12.16.11 Never before have I seen something like the magnitude of Art Basel. Imagine a large warehouse filled with high-end galleries from all different countries, each representing pieces of artwork as unique and diverse as the next. In my personal opinion, this is an experience anyone of the like should see. Almost like visiting a museum, you could view famous original works by artists Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat giving you a glimpse of the past. The show also had works by upcoming artists, some of who chose to convey current cultural expression giving you a more global awareness of the social issues we face as a human race...[Read More]

Honoring Charlie Chaplin at 5Pointz

Blog : 11.28.11 As a long standing resident and artist of Queens, I am very proud to support the famous graffiti hub 5Pointz. I have had the opportunity to create more than one piece on the walls of this historic monument...[Read More]

Art in Queens

Blog : 11.15.11 Art in Queens has had a slow and steady growth. A good example of this is MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) opening its PS1 branch in Long Island City in the summer of 2002. It seemed to spark a new energy in this area. Boutique type galleries with tremendous personalities and wide ranges of artwork being displayed continued to bud near the streets of MoMA QNS. In any of these galleries, one can find a range of art including sculptures created from discarded subway track metal to photo collages of the colorful neighborhood of Queens. Many pieces can also be found lining the sidewalks engaging and involving the viewer...[Read More]

What would a world without art look like?

Blog : 11.09.11 What would a world without art look like? Imagine walking down the street and not having interesting t-shirt logos to read. Imagine Manhattan without the music and theater of Broadway shows. Imagine Brooklyn without galleries coloring the Dumbo District. Imagine if children were not being taught how to draw, sing, or dance in school. Imagine if creativity was put on hold until additional funding was available. What impact would this have on future generations?..[Read More]