These pieces of artwork are created to pay tribute to all of the people throughout history who have made a true, positive impact to society and the world as a whole. Their contributions not only inspire, but uplift the spirits of generations of those who are privileged enough to learn from and about them. An Icon is an individual who is completely unique and selfless in their actions for the benefit of all who are in need. The individuals are chosen for this series because their lifetimes were full of sacrifice, passion and love.

A series that captures the beauty and essence of femininity. These pieces have consistenly been created between working on other collections. New techniques and styles are practiced on these images.

An expression of individuality using letters and symbols to convey emotion. As a form of modern hieroglyphics, Graffiti uses images to convey personal strife with societal occurrences. Everything from color to arrows, characters and highly stylized designs are used to form these “pieces”. What was once exclusively an urban form of expression has now grown into a fully known and excepted form of art world-wide.