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Centre-fuge : School Bus Strike

It was an honor to be chosen to work at Centre-fuge Public Art Project. I chose to do this school bus piece as a tribute to NYC’s striking school bus drivers. It is painted on the side of the Centre-fuge trailer, using the door, stairs and window. The caption on top says "NYC Bored of Education : Strike Hard, Strike Fast" and features a bus full of my human element characters and an artist (not unlike myself) painting on the side of the bus.

The Centre-fuge Public Art Project is a rotating outdoor gallery with work by multimedia artists. In mid-2011 a drab, gray trailer popped up on the South side of First Street near 1st Avenue. The trailer functions as a temporary office for workers on the 2nd Avenue subway line. Centre-fuge Public Art Project transforms the trailer into a rotating street gallery with 2 to 7 artists creating their artwork on all visible sides of the structure. The goal of Centre-fuge is not only to re-beautify this incredible block, but also to encourage the community to express itself in a public forum.